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Sat, Aug. 20th, 2005, 05:17 pm
arylkia: guild stuffs..

For anyone still interested:
am willing to startup again in mid october. Giving Bloodartists life again. I definately do not want to disband the guild. its a place where friends can gather on WOW. So what do you think about a mid october remeet? fresh chars n all?
just an idea. since i know some are about mid lvel 40s and still trying to reach 60. and some without internet for a bit.
if ineterested iam also curious what class each of you wish to play. mebbe create alist. see what we may need to balance it out.
i currently hold a priest set aside myself within the guild. :)
do let me know your thoughts about the whole matter.
also i do understand we are not a 40 man guild. if come time for molten core and high level instances what has happened lately is Chaos and i have moved to Dignity of Death with our current chars. this way there is a large group to instance with then. this is an option if you do get to higher levels and still would like to be be with us and group with another kewl guild when it comes time for either epic items or needed quests.
MC is a 40 man instance. so are many others.
bloodartists is a gateway guild for friends. where we can socialise. and goive you a place where we can help each other out at start. or help new folks too. mebbe someday itll grow mebbe not.
but itll never go away.
id love to invite more random gamers ingame but due to experience with my former guild while playing in nny's account it was messy and we had a lotta problems with in game additions ninjaing items and such. but also thought about mebbe a trial membership. let em test the waters. but only full members in actual runs. but we could welcome these peeps or go to them to help them out to see how they act.
either that or have us all just move over to dignity of death guild later on in higher levels. so far they also seem all koo and have been rather active and willing to run with us. :)

as well as this notice im going to probably setup a lil website for us in the next couple of months. if anyone would like to do some WOW fanart or website graphics too to donate youre welcome to. help decorate the website! :)

Thu, Jul. 21st, 2005, 05:41 pm
arylkia: guild update announcement

i thought i would bring attention to this. for the Blood Artists Guild..
since the guild has been rather inactive. and i do know many of the peeps are not playing much due to stuff going on in rl. but i was thinking id love to see some of the guild come to life again. tho perhaps set up a date several months down the road that way those playing on other servers atm get a chance to finish up or a heads up. but perhaps mebbe we could start over in about 2-4 months down the road. as full group ready to go and quest together. setup special days to do instances and what else.miss some of ya. but i know we all do have other important things in our lives.

would any of you be willing to return in october on dunemaul? :) just a thought.

Sat, May. 28th, 2005, 10:58 am
arylkia: Yarr! Make it an emote!!!

a forum petition! go sign! :D so we can all yarr audibly! hee!

Sun, May. 8th, 2005, 12:00 pm
arylkia: guild meet tuesday

guild meet on dunemaul tuesday the 10th starting at 1pm and on. lets give deadronin some company hehe ;)
also friday ill be paying for the offical guild tabard design so please review the selections link below and lemme know if you like any you see or like another dsign you have seen? (post screen urls here too)majority choice will be it.so leave your desired choice in the comments. :)

Thu, Apr. 28th, 2005, 12:52 pm
arylkia: Blood artists community up!

yep yep guild now has a place to post things!